Ecological Center & Lodge


In the Edelweiss-Costavolcano Ecological Center 

Aconcagua Valley, Chile

DISCOVER CHILE IN JUST ONE PLACE, our Ecological Center has flora and fauna throughout Chile, from the desert highlands in the north, to the Patagonia near to the Antarctic.   

It’s the perfect place to learn more about the Wildlife and how to protect it!!!

Find that ordinary things can be something new, know our Facilities and beautiful Farm, including one of the last native forests of the Aconcagua Valley.

Worldwide, we are the Most Environmentally Friendly Alpaca Fiber Producers
We produce the Only Certified Organic Alpaca Fiber in Chile.

We have different Visiting Programs, for a day o more, can include: Guided Tours, Lectures, Workshops, Organic Meals & Lodging.

Enjoy the Eco-sustainable Architecture of Our Hostel, we recycle an old farm house (150 years old), we use only recycled wood.

Delight yourself with our organic swimming pool, managed without any kind of chemical products.

We do agreements with educational institutions, like the agreement we have with the University of Quebec, Canada. We have different Visiting Programs: Visits for the day, or Experiential Direct Mode (EDM), in which students participate directly in all the agricultural & farm work of the Ecological Center.

Ask the rates and program your visits in advance  to :