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Be part of Costavolcano Lifestyle and bring the World to your Life

IMPORTANTE: Las únicas plataformas oficiales de Costavolcano, donde podrás encontrar la información sobre nuestros productos son:  · Facebook: @Costavolcano · Twitter: @CostavolcanoCL

Where you are?

We travel the world researching & teaching about human health. 

Developing Healthy Food, Architecture, Art and More...




Costavolcano is an Euro-Chilean-American Project, founded in 2005 by the vision and ethical commitment of 

Pamela and Francisco Costavolcano. Both dedicate their life to research about Natural Medicine, Nutrition and Sustainability. 

Because they are committed to improve human Quality of Life, while respecting the environment.

Pamela is a German/Chilean Civil Biochemical Engineer and Artist.

Francisco is a Bulgarian/Galician/Chilean Architect, Artist and Musician.

"We, as humans, have to leave a positive and environmentally friendly human footprint"

In order to get that, we have to live the renaissance spirit, wherein each person should understand and manage different areas of human knowledge, from: Medicine, Health and Nutrition, to: Art, Architecture, Design, among others. And have to domain the Technique and understand and respect other humans, the Nature and their Environment.

About Us

Costavolcano Lifestyle

Pamela and Francisco Costavolcano travel the world researching about human health and the environment, developing 

Healthy Food, Supplements & Snacks, Architecture, Art and More...

At the same time, every year, they dedicate time to share their knowledge with people who need the most. To improve their Quality of Life, teaching about nutrition, natural medicine, or coaching creative skills to entrepreneurs,

students, single mothers, among others. 

"We are committed to bringing Knowledge, Art and Architecture to those who can't pay for it. 
And to develop new foods that can increase people's health and happiness"

Every little action helps to Make the World a Better Place

Learn about our Coaching and International Workshops to improve other people's life




Costavolcano Group is a big family of companies that work under the same human and environmentally friendly concept.

Along these years in Costavolcano have worked a lot of good people, that  helped to innovate and develop the products and lifestyle. Scientists, Agronomists, Doctors, Nutritionists, Architects, Artisans and more.

Everything started in 2005 when Pamela and Francisco Costavolcano founded their first company, Costavolcano Products and Services, where they develop environmental consulting and projects, at the same time they started to comercialize organic food, and create art & design objects as furniture, fashion accessories and artworks with recycled and renewable materials,

mainly Organic Alpaca fiber and noble recycled wood.

At the same time, on that year (2005) they started a partnership with Pamela's mother, Maria Cristina Wendt (Agronomist), to develop and manage her Organic Farm the “Agricola Organica Edelweiss”, in Chile. Thereby, they together, as family, produce and commercialize the organic food, like vegetables, berries, and goat milk dairy products, among others, besides organic wool and fine fibers, from their own organic breeding farm of Alpacas, Llamas, Guanacos & Sheeps).
Until these days, they commercialized fresh organic food. Being one of the first companies that produce and sell organic food in Chile.

In 2008 they started Costavolcano Art & Design, presenting their artistic creations worldwide, participating until these days in some of the best events and exhibitions in  America, Europe and Latin America.
VOGUE knitting LIVE, New York, 2014
BDNY, New York, 2014
NY Now, New York, 2012-13
NYIGF, New York, 2011
And many other events in the US, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Chile, among other countries.

In 2009 Pamela and Francisco started Costavolcano Architecture & Construction, company that eventually grew to more than 120 workers, developing green projects and helping to rebuild Chile, towers and other buildings, after the big Earthquake in 2010.

But, in 2010 everything changed for they, Pamela's big brother died because Cancer.
Since that year they dedicate almost all their life to research about cancer, natural medicine and nutrition, in order to improve people’s quality of life and help to overcome and prevent chronic diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson or Diabetes.

In 2011 Pamela and Francisco moved to New York to develop Costavolcano, its Products and Services, but, specially to research about Cancer and the Nutraceutical properties of foods. Founding Costavolcano Labs in 2012. From that year they began to travel throughout the year, living between America, Europe and South America, researching, creating and teaching.

Costavolcano Labs today is based in Viña del Mar and Catemu in Chile and California in the USA. From 2017 will be based in Europe too.
Where healthy snacks and Food Supplements are developed to improve human health and to prevent some illness conditions like Cancer.

Some Nutraceutical and Healthy Foods events where Costavolcano has participated: 
Australia Fine Food - Sydney, 2015
Food and Beverage Show - Miami 2015
Feria Panamá Gastronómica - 2015
IFT . New Orleans, 2014 (Institute of Food Technologists, USA)
Expo Aladi, Mercosur - Uruguay, 2014
NUCE Health World Expo . Milan, 2013
(Nutraceutical, Cosmeceutical & Functional Foods, Italy) And more… 
Other research travels and commercial missions where in: 
Germany, Swiss, France, Czech Republic, Holland, Spain, Austria, 
Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru, and Chile.


In the year 2014 they went back to Chile to found Costavolcano Medical Center, and Costavolcano Wellness Center, in Viña del Mar city.

In order to help the people in South America to get the best treatment possible: medically, nutritional, physical and emotional.

These treatments combined with the food supplements and the organic and healthy foods complete the circle of Costavolcano’s health care, and create the Costavolcano Lifestyle concept next to the sustainable art, design and architecture

that Pamela and Francisco develop from their beggining.

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